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Screenshots are more than just screenshots. With well designed app icon and app name, you could make people believing that your app might be one of the good apps. Then, when you successfully in getting users to land on your app page in the app stores, screenshots are one of the most important factors (besides description, review and rating) that have to convince people to download your app.

Why screenshots are important

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Screenshots are more effective in showing people on what your app is all about than just text description in app store.
  • It’s like a virtual form of product packaging for your app. Even great product needs at least a good packaging to communicate and sell itself to customers.
  • Well designed screenshots could be more convincing for people to download your app.

Therefore you should think through how to make the best out of your screenshots.

What you need to communicate with your screenshots

  • About your app, e.g.: what does it do?
  • The selling points of your app, e.g.: great features that other similar apps don’t have.
  • How to use your app and make it looks easy to use.


Pocket screenshots show its simple interface and how to use the app.

How to design good screenshots

  • The fundamental of good screenshots comes from good design of the app, so you have to design your app well from the start.
  • Work out your messages in the screenshots, keep them short and sweet. The messages can be marketing messages or notes about your app. That depends on the type of your app and which way is the best to present it.
  • (If your app supports multiple languages) Localize your screenshots, e.g.: Prepare screenshots of your app in respective languages to serve different people from different regions.


TETRIS® Blitz screenshots - Some text is added to tell more about the screenshots. It works better than just showing the screenshots without any message.


Castle Clash screenshot - Added marketing message.


Castle Clash screenshot - Localized screenshots in different languages.


You might need to do some A/B Tests to find out which screenshots work the best and only use the best screenshots. It could cost you more effort, time and money but it definitely worth the cost. That is because getting the right screenshots will bring you higher download rate in return, and they will serve as a great marketing materials outside app stores as well, e.g.: app reviews, press release, on your app website, marketing banner and etc. 

Have you experienced anything with screenshots that affects your app download rate? You may share it with us by sending email to Your sharing might be brought up in our future blog post.